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Lodestar Rail Services LLC (LRS) is a full-service rail logistics management business within the Lodestar Energy Group portfolio of companies. LRS provides a focused and integrated of service to its customers through the supply of rail equipment, rail freight and rail fleet management. LRS achieves the desired commercial and operational outcomes through timely reporting, action and communication

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Lodestar Rail Services LLC (LRS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lodestar Energy Group, LLC ( Lodestar Energy was formed in 2015 to pursue acquisitions and project development in the midstream energy and petrochemical supply chain sectors. Lodestar Rail Services’ related company, Lodestar Logistics Corporation (, has 20 plus years of experience providing industrial operations support, commercial advisory services and multi-modal management services to a variety of rail shippers in several industrial sectors.

The leadership of Lodestar Rail Services  includes Judson Brown and Alan Birney. Judson has extensive experience in logistics and commercial management, including 15 years at Stolt-Nielsen in Houston, where he led Stolt-Nielsen Rail Services. Since leaving Stolt-Nielsen in 2015, Judson has been leading the rail logistics management services team for Lodestar.

Alan has been active in the energy, chemical and logistics industries, including several years at ExxonMobil and a tenure at Stolt-Nielsen, where he held multiple commercial and management roles across the Houston and New Orleans terminals and the Rail Services businesses. When Alan left Stolt-Nielsen in 2015, he joined the management team of Lodestar Energy Group and has been involved in the commercial development of numerous logistics infrastructure projects.

The rail equipment and freight/fleet management business segments are a strategic fit within the Lodestar Energy Group portfolio. Within this context, Lodestar Rail Services is committed to providing a high level of service to its customers, LRS will leverage the extensive rail logistics experience of its management team to achieve the desired commercial and operational outcomes through timely reporting, action and communication.

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An energy company focused on the development and operation of supply chain infrastructure for the hydrocarbon midstream and downstream environments.

Lodestar Rail Services LLC (LRS) is a full rail logistics management business within the Lodestar Logistics has provided support and creative logistics solutions to customers across the petrochemical and energy industry, Past and current customers include both small private entities and large Fortune 500 companies spanning a breadth of petrochemical and energy industry segments.

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